“Green symbolises Nature & Harmony !”

Leather, a Nature’s product is delivered to the Society, through Processes & Means that are in beauteous harmony! – This defines KKSK, the Green Tanners! We produce fine leathers for the top Brands of the world, who cater to the Earth-loving consumers!!

‘GOLD’ rating by the International Environment Protocol (LWG) of Global Brands and an ISO – 14001 accreditation are just the reflections of “KKSK’s Mantra “A Principle of Clean Competence”

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‘KKSK’ – relates to the name of the founder, Mr. KKS Khader Mohideen Sahib, who established the family’s Leather Business in the year 1933. He was succeeded in Business by his sons, who re-established it, in 1982, in the name of M/S KKSK Sons. The Family is now well established as a renowned reputed group in the traditional field of Leather as well as in the Renewable Energy Sector of Wind Power. Rafiq, is serving the Business since 1982 as the CEO of KKSK Tanning Company Private Limited. Fusing modern technologies with traditional skills in perfect rhythm, KKSK has been delivering to the exacting standards of Customers, as proven by its clientele comprising Top Brands of the World, in Shoes and Goods!


The tannery is beautifully laid-out in an excellent working environment.
It is capable of producing One Million Sq.Ft a month, which is sold partly as wet blue and partly as Finished Leather.

The tannery sources Raw Hides from selective origins, which are sorted to various weight ranges and each range is tanned separately for optimum results. This ensures flawless tannage that guarantees high quality finished leather.

‘State of the Art’ machineries, professionally evolved process control systems and time tested recipes consistently turn-out leathers of impeccable quality!


We adore our leathers! So do our Customers!

For, they are so tenderly fine grained! So lovely to touch & feel! So soft, supple and mellow! … in countless colours of the spectrum! … in the optics of joyous beauty!

Derived from the cow & calf, reared in the beautiful landscapes of India! … as well from the cattles of Europe!

Baby calf, Calf, Kips and Sides are available in – _ Aniline, Semi Aniline, Softies, Waxy, Burnishable, Nappa, Milled, Vachetta, Full Veg. finishes and as _ Linings, DD, Light Finish, Sock lining, Orthopaedic lining, Chromefree etc.

Green Ethics

Everything is green in KKSK!

Be it the tannery campus, the clean technologies, the effluent treatment systems, green energy from wind mill and many more!
LWG – Gold rating by Intl. Environment Protocol and ISO – 14001 accreditation validate our green hard works!

The Green Team is so well armed with the requisite knowledge to comply with RSL Standard, REACH, SG Norms (Germany) etc., Thanks to its patented clean technology, KKSK uses a mere 3 liters of water to convert one Kg. of raw hides into wet blue. The electricity for the tannery is entirely drawn from the Company’s own Wind Mills!

The Effluent Treatment Plant comprises of Physical/ Chemical/ Biological systems, followed by ‘State of the Art’ Reverse Osmosis System. The resulting RO permeate water is so good & sparkling that it is entirely reused for leather processing! That is the best carbon foot-print a tannery can ever achieve!

The Team

Team KKSK, comprising of 300 members refined with decades of experience, specializing in Cow and Calf leathers – impart every necessary input towards excellence!

The Team consists of many sub-groups each excelling in their respective department, be it Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Quality Control, R & D or the Green tasks!

Continuous Improvement is the core essence of Governance in KKSK. This emphasis on always challenging the status quo, brings in people a restless spirit, striving towards growth and development. Guided by three core values Excellence, Commitment & Honour, the team was & is a prime mover in the achievement of strategic organizational goals, one of which is evident from the fact that KKSK was the first tannery in India to be rated LWG GOLD from Raw Hide to Finished Leather.

Personnel Development, Quality Working Atmosphere and Sensible Work Practices add confidence to the ever-growing strength of our employees, as they continue to set benchmarks and march towards Excellence with Commitment and Honour.



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Corporate Social Responsibility

Long before the time, the term CSR was frequently used in the corridors of the Business World, it was already a “way of life” in KKSK.

Apart from inheriting the fine-legacy of their father, whose name was “synonymous” with the humane, charitable acts in the small township of Erode in South India, there were other reasons too, for the profound dedication to social – causes. The tragedy that struck the family in 1979, with the sudden demise of the mother & father together, left three little children alone to face the “struggles of life” at a tender age.

This was instrumental in forming the “mindset” of helping the needy. Be it Medical, Educational, or any emergency needs of the poor & needy in the local surroundings, it is passationately attended to by the family.

KKSK Educational Trust is one such charitable wings, that runs a school for the under privileged poor children, where 1100 Students are given high-quality education, free of cost. For, the KKSK family knows, all the industrious activities apart, putting a smile on the face of the needy, lends a beautiful dimension to the mission of Life.



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